We are a terry fox town

Terry Fox Way.

After a rare move on September 21 2021, Council waved the Procedural Bylaw and endorsed a resident’s recommendation to rename a street.

In a passionate appeal, local resident Jim Mason asked Council to consider making “Terry Fox Way” the secondary name of Park Drive through Memorial Park. Mr. Mason likened it to the secondary name “Veteran’s Way” on Mostar Street.

Instead of asking staff to study the proposal, Council made the decision on the floor.

Signs will be erected as soon as quotes and sign production is completed.

Mr. Mason, a long-time volunteer with the Terry Fox Run, mentioned that Stouffville has raised more than $2 million since 1982 for cancer research. Terry’s mother, his father, and two of his bothers have all visited Stouffville over the years according to Mason.

The honourary naming would “serve as a regular reminder of how great a Canadian Terry was and of his positive impact on our community,” said Mason. “We are a Terry Fox town.”

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